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Bilan’s 2024 Top 40 entrepreneurs below 40 in Western Switzerland

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Bilan Magazine identifies the founders of companies under 40, with sales of CHF 1 million or more.



This annual operation highlights the achievements and projects of the new generation at the helm of fast-growing companies.

Check out the Swiss Health Valley entrepreneurs listed in the third edition of the Top 40 Entrepreneurs Under 40:


Ricardo Dainese, CEO & Co-Founder – Alithea Genomics

Founded in 2020, Alithea Genomics is committed to developing solutions that simplify and streamline the generation of “big RNA data. Its technologies enable to discover new biomarkers and develop new drugs at a fraction of the costs and time as compared to what was possible before.

Florent Héroguel, Co-CEO & Co-Founder – Bloom Biorenewables

Founded in 2019, Bloom Biorenewables SA is a spin-off from the EPFL. It has developed the first technology to selectively convert the most abundant biopolymers on Earth – cellulose & lignin – into added-value chemical products.

Arthur Queval, CEO & Founder – Loop Medical

Founded in 20218, Loop Medical aims to revolutionise clinical diagnostics by providing an easy and painless blood collection technology that is accessible to all and that empowers patients to take control of their health.

Ludovic Serex & Nicolas Vachicouras, Co-Founders – Neurosoft Bioelectronics

Founded in 202, Neurosoft Bioelectronics aims to improve the care of patients who suffer from neurological disorders by developing soft implantable electrodes to interface with the nervous system. They have established a unique technology that allows to manufacture extremely compliant neural interfaces that can achieve long-term bio-integration in the body.

Alexandre Curreli & Arthur Germain, Co-Founders – OneDoc

Founded in 2017, OneDoc is the Swiss leader in online medical appointment booking, with a team of 40 passionate entrepreneurs based across Switzerland in Geneva, Zürich, Lausanne and Ticino.


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Source: Bilan
credit: Bilan