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Future of Health Grant

Future Health Grant – 9 new projects selected

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This great Swiss Health Valley🇨🇭 initiative was started by CSS and EPFL Innovation Park to promote Medicine 3.0. The 9 projects of the new cohort will receive between CHF 10,000 and CHF 50,000 as well as support and coaching.



  • Allians Allergy Allergix – Digital solution enabling healthcare professionals to protect their patients against drug allergies – Geneva.


  • Novo Vitae – Preventive mental health platform providing patients with information and treatments (including Long Covid) and coaching for returning to work – Zurich


  • Clearsky – Assistant Edge AI transforming confidential patient interactions into usable information with maximum security (data processed on the user’s device, not in the cloud) – EPFL


  • Seneca Project – Digital solutions enabling professionals to self-organise their work and offer effective support to patients and their carers – Zug


  • QuantActions – Digital solution detecting subtle cognitive changes, enabling earlier care at lower cost, as cognitive assessments are infrequent and expensive – Zurich


  • Tune Insight – Digital solution for secure collaboration on confidential data, enabling collective analysis and federated machine-learning between different organisations – Lausanne


  • Neuria – Gamified therapies to improve individual behaviour (especially obesity) with personalised interventions tailored to patients’ needs – Fribourg


  • MYNERVA – Lightweight device with sensors to reduce pain and falls in diabetics – Zurich


  • YLAH – Application for continuing psychotherapy between sessions – Bern



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