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Genolier Innovation Hub

Genolier Innovation Hub

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A new medical Innovation Hub will open in 2024


“This is not a real estate project to house the headquarters of companies, but rather a kind of hotel for companies that will come to experiment and present their innovations for 6 to 24 months. The goal is to reduce the latency between the time you prototype and the time the product hits the market”, says Antoine Hubert, the hub director. He continues: “We want to create a medical #ecosystem that will actively contribute to the progress of medicine. In that sense, we are complementary to the Biopôle Lausanne.”

There, companies will be able to design and test their medical robots, or train doctors. The Genolier Innovation Hub will bring together medical providers with “an ecosystem rich of a thousand companies that make up Health Valley. This will be a unique instrument,” comments Raymond Loretan, President of the Swiss Medical Network board of directors.

The site will open its doors in 2024 on the site of the Genolier clinic (Aevis Victoria group). The investment is estimated at CHF 100 million, of which CHF 65 million is for construction alone.