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Mecaplast Swiss - 4à6

A visit at Mecaplast Swiss

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About 50 members of the Swiss Health Valley community had the chance to visit Mecaplast Swiss during a BioAlps 4à6 on 19 September 2023



Founded in 1971 in Botterens Switzerland, Mecaplast Swiss has been active ever since in the plastic injection for the industry and the luxury sectors. With the change of ownership in 2002 to Mr Jean-Marc Jaccottet, the company heavily invested in new facilities and dedicated equipment to meet the fast-growing demand of the Medical Device industry. Since 2004 and the opening of its first clean room entirely dedicated to the manufacturing of medical components, Mecaplast holds ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification. Since then, driven by innovation and committed to quality, Mecaplast kept expending its premises, its equipment, and its offering. In 2022, as a recognition of its team dedication, passion and engagement, Mecaplast has proudly been rewarded the SVC award as “Best entrepreneurial company in Romandie”!


Dedicated Medical Equipment

Today, Mecasplast’s injection equipment pool enables injection of any type of plastic – basic thermoplastics (PS, PP, PE), technical thermoplastics (PA, POM, ABS, PC, etc.), high performance thermoplastics (PPS, PEEK, PSU, PKU, LCP, etc.) and biopolymers (Biobased, biodegradable, recycled, etc.) – with about half of the equipment dedicated to the medical sector and operated in clean environment (ISO 7).


A 360° Plastic Injection Offer

Over the decades, with extended experience and know-how, injection per say, has become part of a larger offering at Mecasplast. Indeed, upstream of the injection, the company may collaborate as early as the design phase through a pool of experienced engineers and specialists to streamline the development phase. It can then produce its client’s molds and equipment in-house to accelerate and smoothen the industrialization process. Finally, downstream of the injection, a skilled team of professionals may assemble components from any source, decorate (printing, engraving,…) and finish products before packing them in blisters or double packaging, ready to be shipped to clients.


New Premises to Serve Post Injection Operations

And since early April 2023, Mecaplast Swiss proudly operates its brand new 300 square meters ISO 7 clean room! This new facility adds up to the existing 700 square meters clean rooms to offer world-class Pharma and MedTech companies completely integrated services and delivery of fully finished products.



Key Facts and Figures

  • 52 years of experience
  • 115 employees
  • 18,000 spm site, 6,000 sqm dedicated to production
  • 40 injection machines (15 tonnes – 500 tonnes)
  • 5 ISO7 clean rooms (1,000 spm)
  • 120 moulds (production + modification) / year
  • 100% swiss made production
  • 80% of the production dedicated to medtech and pharma companies