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Monitor your blood pressure with OptiBP, a Biospectal application

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Patients can measure their blood pressure in 30 seconds by placing their fingertip on the camera lens of a smartphone.



“Finally, measuring blood pressure anywhere and anytime has become so easy that dramatically more people will be able to manage their cardiovascular disease better from now on,” comments Jens Krauss, Head of the Medtech Business Unit at CSEM. “Telemedicine solutions are the future globally, and we are proud that we are well ahead of all other providers, including Apple and Google, who are tirelessly working on new digital health solutions,” explains Eliott Jones, Co-Founder & CEO of Biospectal. Following Switzerland, where the app is being launched first, Biospectal will expand OptiBP’s rollout to other major European countries and then proceed to global markets, where it already has conducted extensive research and validation in regions including Africa and Asia, as well as the United States.


A medical app in your smartphone

By creating an optical recording of blood flow beneath the skin, algorithms and optical signal analysis methods developed by Biospectal in collaboration with CSEM convert data into blood pressure values. Easy, connected smartphone-based recording offers compelling advantages, including saving time spent on visits to doctors, making it simple and convenient to measure “on the go” during everyday life, and enabling sharing results with loved ones and medical providers quickly and easily. “What many people don’t realize is that patients are often stressed when blood pressure is measured at the doctor’s office, causing unnaturally high and unrepresentative results – known as “white coat effect. Measuring in the patient’s natural environment is the best way to get a picture of what’s really going on with their blood pressure. Unfortunately, people hate using an inflatable cuff. It hurts and is hard to carry with them, so they don’t use it and doctors don’t get the information they need,” explains Professor Patrick Schoettker, MD, Chief Medical Advisor at Biospectal.



Source: Press Release