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Myota publishes new clinical trial results in pre-diabetes

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Myota is thrilled to announce that their results have been published in the prestigious British Journal of Nutrition, and the results are nothing short of groundbreaking.



In this study, Myota showed that pre-diabetic patients given Myota fibres showed significant improvements in insulin sensitivity, systemic inflammation, and HbA1c in individuals earlier on in the disease progression, highlighting the importance of acting early in the diabetic process.

These results underscore the importance of accounting for microbiome variability in building precision prebiotics.

They also highlight the potential for prebiotics to curb chronic disease in a gentle, natural and cost-effective manner. In particular, reducing systemic inflammation has wide-ranging implications for human health beyond Type-2 Diabetes.

Keeping inflammation low can improve our mental health, and plays a key role in healthy longevity, by keeping “inflammaging” at bay.

You can read the full study here.



Source: Myota