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Oncolifestyle - Debiopharm

Oncolifestyle, Debiopharm’s website to empower people living with cancer

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The Swiss-based biopharmaceutical company launches a new online portal to support people with cancer, with an initial focus on prostate cancer.



As recent studies show the importance of lifestyle habits in the management of cancer, this website has been designed to share relevant recommendations for patients, with a first focus on prostate cancer. Centered on shared decision-making between the patient, clinician and caregiver, the platform helps patients get accessible, evidence-based information for taking an active role in their journey with cancer, making positive lifestyle choices, and finding new ways to improve their quality of life. Resources include information related to their disease, nutrition, physical activity, brain health and sexual health.


“At Debiopharm, we want to guarantee that patients are given a seat at the table when it comes to their care. They deserve access to the right information to make the right choices and remain an active player in their personal health journey” explained Thierry Mauvernay, President, Debiopharm & Après-Demain.

Every year, around 6,600 men in Switzerland develop prostate cancer, making it the most common type of cancer among men. Studies reveal that exercising regularly and eating well can help men with prostate cancer improve their quality of life, slow disease progression and reduce the likelihood of aggressive prostate cancer. Based on this clinical evidence, recommends that patients incorporate physical activity into their daily routine and adopt a Mediterranean diet. In addition, having an active social life, playing games, and doing handiwork can help maintain good cognitive health.


“In addition to receiving medical treatments, patients can greatly benefit from personalized guidance on adjusting their daily habits to improve their well-being, both physically and mentally. It is essential to look beyond medical interventions and consider the broader lifestyle factors that can contribute to a patient’s overall health and happiness. By providing tailored advice, the Oncolifestyle platform empowers patients to make positive changes in their day-to-day routines. This guidance may include recommendations on nutrition, exercise, stress management techniques, sleep habits, and other self-care practices. Implementing these small but impactful adjustments can enhance the patient’s physical strength, boost their emotional resilience, and improve their overall quality of life – during and after prostate cancer treatment” commented Dr. med. Mohamed Shelan, Senior Physician, Radio-Oncology, University Hospital of Bern (Inselspital).


This new portal also aims to facilitate discussions between patients and their doctors. According to recent research, regret over the choice of prostate cancer treatment is almost six times more common in people who underestimated the possible side effects.8 Changes in sexual function are generally cited by patients as the most difficult consequences of treatment.9

 “It is often challenging for patients to talk about how prostate cancer may impact their quality of life, especially in terms of sexual health. The Oncolifestyle platform can help start these sensitive conversations” commented Hubert John, Head of the department of Urology, Winterthur Cantonal Hospital.

The website is available in most of the Swiss languages, including French, German, and Italian, as well as in English.

“This platform marks an important milestone. We will continue to enrich it with support from healthcare professionals and patient organizations, to empower even more patients in the management of their cancer. When patients are informed and actively engaged, conversations with their medical team and caregivers flow more smoothly, and the whole care journey improves. It is a win for everyone involved” noted Thierry Mauvernay.