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Senbiosys raises more than CHF 600,000 on kickstarter

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Senbiosys developed a smart ring and an application to give users inputs about their health and wellness. The EPFL spin-off raised CHF 622 672 on a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign with more than 3465 backers. The company initially requested CHF 100,000 in funding.


A smart and elegant ring to monitor your health. Iris by Senbiosys features advanced PPG sensors that meet the standards of the medical industry. A Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor incorporates a LED that emits light through the skin and a detector that captures light from the tissue. According to research, the finger is one of the best places for monitoring vital signs, in a more efficient way than the wrist.

Senbiosys’ prowess is to have miniaturized this technology to the extreme to integrate in its connected jewel 6 detectors and 18 LEDs, arranged in a constellation around the ring, compared to 2 detectors and 4 LEDs for the most advanced models of competitors.


Real-time health information right at your fingertips

Our goal is to provide a personalized way of tracking different health indicators”, says Assim Boukhayma, CEO of Senbiosys. “Our eyes are set on prevention. If users see significant changes in their vital signs, that can prompt them to contact their doctor.”

The first version of Iris will provide measurements of heart rate, step count, blood oxygen level, sleep quality, stress level and calories burned. “We intend to continually improve our algorithms and smartphone app and will make updates available online as soon as they’re ready.”


A Swiss Health Valley product

Senbiosys has raised a total of 5 million francs in capital since it was founded in 2018, and has used these funds to develop photodetectors for industrial applications. In 2022, the company wanted to evaluate the potential for a B2C product. Thanks to the crowdfunding campaign, Senbiosys will be able to move forward with production and fulfil the pre-orders made by participants. The ring should be delivered December 2023.

This amazing device is the product of Swiss know-how in microtechnology, born from the watchmaking industry, and of a thriving ecosystem that allows life science innovation companies to flourish.

Moreover, Senbiosys’ co-founders, Antonino Caizzone and Assim Boukhayma, are both EPFL alumni. The Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne is considered to be the Swiss M.I.T.


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