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Swiss Microbiome Forum 2024

Swiss Microbiome Forum

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ETH Zurich and the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Microbiomes are organising the second Swiss Microbiomes Forum, on 30 May 2024 in Zurich


The Forum will showcase the latest research and technologies harnessing microbiomes for human flourishing and health, along three main axes:

  • Diagnostics – The ability to identify microorganisms and measure characteristics of microbiomes is revolutionizing health practices. These methods are already being applied in hospitals and animal husbandries, and are starting to find their way in agriculture.
  • Interventions – The ability to change the composition of an imbalanced microbiome to achieve a healthier state holds great promise for future applications in healthcare, agriculture and the environment.
  • Conservation – We are just beginning to learn about all the fundamental ways in which Earth’s ecosystems depend on microbiomes. We need to preserve microorganisms as natural resources, to ensure quality of life in the future.


During the event, a pitching competition will be hosted to give visibility to projects spinning-off as early-stage start-ups from Swiss universities.



📆 30 January 2024
📍Audimax, ETH Zurich Main Building
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