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The Canton of Vaud supports companies working on the digital transition



The SyNNergy programme is an initiative of the Canton of Vaud designed to support consortia of at least 3 companies, the majority of which are from Vaud, wishing to carry out an innovative project together and in connection with the digital transition. The support of a coach and financial aid are part of the help package.


Eligibility Criteria

  • The project is carried out by a consortium of at least 3 companies, the majority of which are from Vaud (to which may be added: associations, municipalities, research institutes, universities, etc.)
  • The project meets a proven market need
  • It is based on an innovative solution that integrates digital technology
  • The result produced benefits all project partners
  • The result of the project can be adapted by other companies or public authorities, or on other markets (scalability), within the limits of respect for intellectual property
  • Have a quantifiable economic and societal impact (e.g. jobs created, new skills acquired, improved efficiency, visibility)

⚠️ The programme is not intended for a company that would work with several agents to develop its own technology roadmap.


Project support

The project is supported up to 50% of the budget and a maximum of CHF 100’000.

The amount of support is broken down as follows:

  • At least 20% of the support amount is dedicated to the accompaniment by a certified SyNNergy coach.
    The coach has the fundamental mission of catalyst and motivator. He/she will make sure that the partners remain dynamic and involved during the project and that the milestones and objectives are reached in time and resources.
  • The rest of the support amount is used to finance part of the project costs: hardware, software, expert consulting hours on specific issues, internal working hours of the project partners, etc.


▶️ Registration before 14 June 2023. (There are several deadlines throughout the year)

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