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Bioinformatics courses: the 2023 SIB Training programme is out

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Bioinformatics courses to perfect your team’s skills


The SIB (Swiss Institue of Bioinformatic) training programme for 2023 is now availble, with a brand-new look and feel. It includes over 30 events on topics such as data analysis (NGS, RNA-seq, long-reads, single-cell data, multi-omics data), statistics, programming (R, Python), machine learning, data management and SIB software tools and databases (UniProtKB, SwissDrugDesign…).


Do you find a topic of interest? Do you have a team or new recruits you would like to register for a personalized session? The SIB course portfolio can be tailored to the needs of your company and can be offered as on-site or online private courses.


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